Dumb Team adventures

Dumb Team mission statement:

In a word... adventure.
In more words... ride the waves of adventure as yesterday's dreams fade into tomorrow's sighs.
In true "leather and lace" style, we (aptly named The Dumb Team) aim to
discover comfort in the discomfort of travel,
while pretending to be on retirement reconnaissance;
all the while pretending the search is itself our retirement;
all the while pretending we are deserving of retirement.
With backpacks, purell, some electronics, and tattered baseball caps in hand,
we'll pinball our way around the globe
from the mountains to the ocean, from the windward to the leeward sides,
staying until time grabs us by the wrist and directs us where to go.
Where we'll end up, well we think, only God really knows.
Searching for our lost shaker of salt? Not really.
Drinking tequila and looking for seashells? Sounds sweet.
Going where the weather suits our clothes? Maybe.
Watching summers and winters scatter like splinters? Hopefully.
Understanding the serenity of a clear blue mountain lake? Doubtful.
On the road of experience, trying to find our own way? Sure.
Listening for answers with a conch shell to our ear? Nope.
Putting our minds on a permanent vacation, with the ocean as our only medication? Seems right.
Living no particular way but our own, right outside the lazy gate of winter's summer home? Sounds nice.
Perhaps we'll focus on searching for lyrics of our own; or maybe just idly search for something to search for.
We don't know... don't really care... left foot will follow where right foot has traveled.
While we smile with the rising sun, sit upon the setting sun,
wait on a grapefruit moon, watch the stars dancing on the water,
hand in aging hand, we shall drag our shrinking list of troubles, along with our growing list of ailments,
from one adventure to the next until our tattered old caps are finally retired for good.
With our chips cashed in, we set out running, but we'll take our time;
so blow your whistle, freight train, take us far on down the line.

Backcountry skiing