Kaimana Software

Software development for Windows

  • Software targets the Windows desktop platform and is written in C/C++ using the Win32 API
  • Software is written with a no-nonsense approach, employing simple and intuitive interfaces
  • Source code is crisp, clean, concise, and well-documented

(fully functional; no installation required)

KaimanaScreenSaver (90 KB) KaimanaWord (Text editor - 520 KB)
  • bounce / spin text, images, and videos
  • view / edit / print TXT / RTF files
  • spell check
KaimanaPix (Image editor - 270 KB) KaimanaCalc (Graphing calculator - 90 KB)
  • view / edit / print BMPs, JPGs, GIFs, PNGs and screen captures
  • view magnifier window (arbitrary magnification)
  • flip / rotate / stretch / resize images (2D and 3D)
  • edit color depth, luminance, color, contrast, etc.
  • edit multiple files using batch processing
  • edit sub-sections of image
  • apply effects, filters, and flood-fills
  • blend / append multiple images
  • calculate arbitrary expressions
  • calculate in decimal, binary, octal, hex
  • plot data files (binary or text)
  • convert common measurement units